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January 26, 2011

Musings on the Power of Verbs

I started a second photography class Monday evening: Photography Composition. During our introductions, my instructor, Pat Berrett, made tally marks on the board without explanation. After 12 introductions, there were 9 marks on the board. Yes, there was one for me.

It was a great lesson hook. (I apologize for the teacher language.) He explained that each mysterious tally mark represented a person who used the word “shoot” in their introduction to describe their photography.

On the board he wrote, shoot, take, capture and explained that these were violent terms to describe what should be art. He suggested we use the terms create or make instead to describe our work.

I’ve been chewing on his ideas since Monday and believe their is some merit to his observations. As I learn more and more about photography, I’m appreciating how much consideration goes into creating beautiful images. Its often much more than just pointing your camera at something pretty and ending up with a great shot.

Other times, like when I’m chasing my 15 month-old around, its about capturing a fleeting moment. Her quick movements and expressions can’t be created and I have little time to compose an image.

I woke up early this morning with the intention of creating a few images for class tonight. I wanted the bright yellow flower to invoke the brightness of the morning sun. I like how the outer petals glow in the early light, but wished I had noticed the distracting blade of grass on the ground. 

I hope your day was cheerful and full of sunshine.

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