Sunday Morning at Cafe Green

photo by Jerry Sprouse

The family and I returned to Cafe Green in Albuquerque for the second week in a row. We made it in time for brunch this morning and were not disappointed.

I started off with a yummy coffee. No bad diner coffee here.

I was tempted by everything on the menu again, but ultimately I decided to go with the Crab Benedict. 2 crabcakes on English muffins topped with poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and slivers of green onion. Jerry ordered La Croque Madame, one of his favorite brunch plates from The Grove. Cafe Green’s version includes ham, fontina cheese, a poached egg, and bechamel sauce on toast.

The plates were both beautiful and delicious again.

Crab Benedict


La Croque Madame, photo by Jerry Sprouse

I loved my Crab Benedict. The crab cakes were delicious and fresh; I only wish they used lump crab meat for a chunkier texture. I gave up on the English muffin after a while because it was a little too tough to cut easily with a wimpy butter knife. Jerry enjoyed his Madame, but the Grove‘s version remains his favorite.

We ended the meal with one of two desert crepes. Jerry chose the Banana Cajeta crepe because of little girl’s fondness for the fruit.

Banana Cajeta Crepe

The light crepe was stuffed with carmelized bananas and topped with goat milk caramel, vanilla ice cream, and powdered sugar. The bananas and ice cream were scrumptious, but I found the caramel a little too goaty for my tastes.

We enjoyed our second visit to Cafe Green, although service was slow for the second half of meal. Best of all–this gourmet brunch was inexpensive. Our bill was about $25 this morning. We’ll be back again to try some other dishes that have been calling to us. Maybe next time I’ll be able to resist the crab’s siren song.


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