Cloudy with a Chance of Smiles

Albuquerque has something like 300 sunny days per year and that’s usually a good thing. I love the sunshine and warmth…especially in the middle of winter.

Today, however, I learned to be thankful for the partly-cloudy sky. Jerry and I took our little girl around Corrales to enjoy the warm afternoon. The clouds provided an excellent filter for the usually harsh midday sun, and I got some beautiful shots.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Little girl has on a cute vintage  hand-knit sweater. The hoodie zips up the back like a backwards cardigan. Jerry thought she looked a little goofy in it, but I love the neutral color and texture of the knit. Plus, I wore it when I was little, too.

As usual, I did most of my post-processing in Adobe Lightroom. I love that program! For this round of pics, I did some extra editing in Photoshop Elements to get rid of some milk that dried on her face while we drove around town.


3 Comments to “Cloudy with a Chance of Smiles”

  1. Love the pictures. So glad to see her wearing the sweater

  2. Beautiful pictures! Make sure my brother knows how to use the camera so you get in some pictures too. That is my biggest issue with my husband and the camera at this point, he is intimidated by it so I’ll never have pictures of me with our kids ;-). I would love to know how many pictures you take and then sort through before coming up with the ones you post. I always take a ton and hope I get lucky. Yours always look so great!

    • Thanks for reading my blog, Jenny. Jerry can take a few pics if I set it on auto. I’m going to have to teach him some basics though, if he wants to take nice pictures. I took 135 pictures yesterday, kept 80 of them, narrowed it down to 13, then posted 10 of the best. Lightroom makes the whole process quick and easy for me.

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