Kitchen Still Life

My husband has been asking me to hang more pictures in our house for ages. We have a large, blank wall in our kitchen. It wasn’t always blank, but my husband thought it would be fun to toss a heavy, rubber dog toy around the kitchen. After a few amazing bounces, he managed to knock down a framed picture hanging on the wall. The picture, one half of a diptych, broke. So I took the lonely, unscathed picture down and we’ve been staring at a blank wall since.

I have finally decided to create my own artwork to replace the damaged pictures. And no more bouncing dog toys or baby toys around the kitchen after I get these babies framed.

Tea Pot

white vase

white tea cup

I love the simplicity of the white ceramic pieces against the deep chocolate table. I initially planned to print these in 8 x 10 format, but looking back at the wide expanse of wall, I think I may go up to 11x 14. I plan to mat these on white matboard and coordinate the frame with the table color.

Chocolate? Did someone say chocolate? I better find some now.


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